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Stop wasting your days, struggling to complete your projects and never reaching your goals.  Your life is more than a task list. Learn more about my 1-on-1 Services or my 7 week Program and other resources that can help you move from dreaming about your goals to crushing them.


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A mother, activist, entrepreneur, wealth builder, investor, and more, Jice Johnson is an award winning, national facilitator and speaker.  Book Jice for Training, Workshops, Facilitation and Moderating, Keynotes, Panels, and Interviews.


Boss like a mom

Tune into Boss Up with BBI, hosted by Jice Johnson where it's all Black everythang! We out here rooting for everybody Black! This podcast focuses on all things money and mindset within the Black community in America & across the Diaspora. Subscribe and join in the convo. 


About Jice

Rise & G.R.I.N.D.

After undergoing major life changes that left her financially devastated, struggling with depression, single motherhood and unfulfilled dreams, Jice decided it was time to put her life back together on her terms.

But dreaming is easier than doing. And after some trial and error, Jice developed the mindset and the methods to achieve productive days while reaching her goals.

Today, as a mother of three, operating two businesses and many other community endeavors that she is passionate about, Jice has mastered the art of being productive.

Check out her 7 week Rise & G.R.I.N.D. program and other courses to help you have greater productivity and reach the goals that matter to you most.